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Skin Cancer Screening

 Catch skin cancer before it has a chance to spread with skin cancer screenings.

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Skin Cancer Screening

 Catch skin cancer before it has a chance to spread with skin cancer screenings.


What is Skin Cancer Screening?

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, but it’s also the easiest to treat – if it’s caught early. Skin cancer screenings help detect the early stages of skin cancer. They can also identify whether common blemishes (such as moles) are cancerous or stem from another cause. Skin cancer screenings are quick, easy procedures. They offer peace-of-mind and can help identify problematic skin conditions, even if they aren’t cancerous.

Dermatologist checking a patient's skin

Skin Cancer Screening FAQs

Skin cancer can be scary to think about, so our patients understandably have many questions when they visit us for a skin cancer screening. We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. For more specific answers, please contact our dermatology office in Winston-Salem. 

Insurance plans typically only cover procedures that are medically necessary. So, a skin cancer screening would need to be recommended by your primary care physician or a dermatologist during a skin examination to be eligible for coverage. 

We typically have patients dress in a gown provided by us. We will then inspect the skin head-to-toe with a dermatoscope. Our dermatologists always respect the patient’s privacy, but we also have to closely check areas where skin cancer is suspected.

While we typically recommend at least one skin cancer screening per year, we recommend more screenings for patients who are at a higher risk. These patients include:

  • Those with frequent sun exposure
  • Fair-skinned patients
  • Patients with blue and green eyes
  • Patients with a previous history of skin cancer
  • Patients with actinic keratosis (AK) or another similar precancerous conditions

We typically recommend patients begin screening in their 20s or 30s. However, high-risk patients should begin as early as possible.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has not yet ruled in favor of classifying skin cancer screenings as preventive care, but they also haven’t ruled against it. However, skin cancer screenings can help identify the early stages of skin cancer before they grow and become worse. 


Skin Cancer Photos

Skin cancer can take many forms. We’ve included a few photos below to help showcase some of its more common forms and as a quick look at what patients can expect during their skin cancer screening.

Dermatologist Inspecting A Patient's Arm
Pointing To A Mole
Dermatologist Inspecting A Patient's Mole
Close Shot Of A Cancerous Mole

Schedule Your Skin Cancer Screening in Winston-Salem, NC

The early stages of skin cancer are tricky. It’s harder for someone other than a board-certified dermatologist to identify it, yet early detection is essential for fast, effective treatment. That’s why we recommend annual skin cancer screenings for all patients (and more screenings if you’re a high-risk patient).

Fortunately, skin cancer screenings are easy and typically take around 30 minutes. To schedule yours, contact us online or call our Winston-Salem dermatology office at (336) 724-2434.

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